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Aldridge Rugby Club's Charity for the 24/25 Season

Aldridge Rugby Club's Charity for the 24/25 Season

Ellis Garratt21 May - 14:04
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Aldridge Rugby Club have decided to be supporting Help Harry Help Others.


HHHO is a charity built through lived experience of cancer.
Started by Birmingham Schoolboy Harry Moseley, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour at just 7 years od, Harry knew more needed to be done to support others affected by cancer. When one of his adult fellow patients become very sick with his brain tumour Harry set about raising money via his well known bracelet making in 2009.

During the last two years of Harry’s life before he passed away aged just 11, he raised over £750,000 for other charities and was crowned Britains Kindest Kid. This rose to over £1.2 million following the news news of his death.

Becoming a registered Charity

Seeing first hand the devastating impact that cancer has on your routine and lifestyle with little support outside of medical treatment, Harry’s mom Georgie identified a gap for those affected by cancer and in 2012 made HHHO a registered charity.

Charity has three objectives:
- Funding vital research
- Giving grants to families suffering financial hardship
- Supporting adults and children affected by any type of cancer from their Drop in Cancer Support Centre in B33.

To tackle the lack of support in the community, Harry’s mom created the centre to offer a home from home environment offering every inch of support outside of treatment. With over 20 services on site, we now support over 1300 families from across the Midlands.
In addition, over 5000 people since April 2023 have come through our door for NHS TLHC lung screening. This sees a 44 ton MRI scanner on site to scan those at high risk of lung cancer.

Our Services
1-1 listening and counselling support
1-1 coaching and mentoring
Therapeutic support groups
Men Matters coffee moments.
Time 4 teens after school club for 13-18 year olds
Time4Tweens after school club for 8-12 year olds
Breast care advice and bra fitting
Holistic therapies including reiki, Indian Head massage.
Housing advice
Council tax advice
Benefits advice and help with form filling.
Debt and financial advice
Health & well-being days
Workshops on an array of topics / emotiona
Walking groups
Social activities including Art group, events , knit and natter

What Makes Us Unique

No referral process – people can access us direct and either pop in without an appointment
We provide immediacy of support.
We support the patients, relatives, carers, work colleagues
No postcode lottery - people can access our support from anywhere
We offer a home from home environment suitable for adults and children
If people cannot access us, we can offer support via zoom or via home visits.

The Impact
HelpCURE - £253,221 given to fund vital research
HelpCOPE - £398,590 in grants given to those suffering financial hardship
HelpCARE - £859,000 distributed in support via our Drop In Centre
in 2023 over 3205 counselling / listening sessions delivered via face to face /
zoom and home visits.
213 new service users reached out for support
£191,556 in benefits obtained through our benefits advice service

Why We Need Support
Cancer affects 1 in 2 of us. Every 90 seconds someone in the UK is diagnosed with Cancer. That equates to 1100 people per day. This number is increasing with more people living longer lives. By 2040 an additional !0.5 million people will be affected by cancer globally taking it from 18 million to 28.5 million by 2040. This means more people will need access to emotional, financial and practical support like the range of services that HHHO offer.

HHHO is an independant charity that does not receive government / NHS funding.
In addition to all our service providers for the above services, we have 19 listeners and counsellors on site. Our centre costs £850 per day to run. We dont have a fundraising team. The charity relies on Harry’s mom to be everywhere in the community to engage support. Georgie has to raise £300k to keep our work going and is responsible for both community and corporate engagement. In addition she works on projects like our Respite Renovations where we transform people homes and also undertakes home visits to service users that are either too poorly to visit or they live too far away.

A Message From Harry's Mom

“Thank you for reading about HHHO. We hope the services we offer and the support we
deliver inspires you to get involved and show your support. As a dedicated charity with an expansive mission, we are committed to ensuring that no one navigates the cancer journey in solitude or feels left behind. Our goal is to holistically address the emotional, financial, and practical challenges that arise from a cancer diagnosis, affirming to every family that support and hope are within reach. Operating without a dedicated fundraising team, we deeply value every contribution, whether big or small. Your support is crucial and directly benefits cancer patients and their families, making a tangible difference in their lives. Your partnership in our mission is not just a donation—it's a lifeline.”

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